Friday, January 25, 2008

But it is only my personal opinion

Nearly a year ago I wrote on this blog about the Irish times which was fined £25,000 for publishing a bad restuarant review

Well the paper is to appeal agianst the ruling and for Giles Coren writing in today's Times it is not a day too soon who following the ruling

Suddenly, now I was having weekly conversations with the Times lawyers that went something like this: “You claim in your article that the tiramisu tastes of vole's vomit/ mouse poo/ the contents of a country vet's turn-ups at the end of a long hot day artificially inseminating pigs...”

but now must say

'In my personal opinion, based on previous eatings of tiramisu on diverse premises on independently verifiable occasions, I have formed the subjective notion that this tiramisu tasted “unusual”. But that's only me. And other people may find otherwise. After all, de gustibus nil disputandum, and all that'.”

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