Thursday, January 24, 2008

The first blogging resignation

Peter Hain's resignation according to Blogger Iain Dale is the first related to a story first broken on a blog

According to Iain

If my recollection is right, it was Guido Fawkes who first broke the story on Peter Hain's campaign funding on the afternoon of 3 December . It was this story which provoked Peter Hain to contact the Electoral Commission. If Guido hadn't run it, would Hain have come forward? I doubt it very much.

You can read Guido's post HERE and his reactions HERE


Cicero's songs has a slightly different take on the state of blogging

Though Guido may feel triumphant, the fact is, that probably 98% of the UK has probably never heard of him. Despite the passion and anger that many bloggers seem to be holding back with extreme difficulty (obviously except Devil's Kitchen who has never knowingly held back anything) the fact is that the audiences are still pretty small

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