Monday, January 28, 2008

Journalists suffering from burnout says Study

Editor and publisher reports that a quarter of newspaper journalists wanted to leave the profession.
The survey of 770 journalists conducted by a Ball State University professor,Dr Scott Reinardy found that

With a moderate rate of exhaustion, a high rate of cynicism and a moderate rate of professional efficacy, burnout among journalists demonstrate higher rates of burnout than previous work. Additionally, journalists expressing intentions to leave the profession demonstrated high rates of exhaustion and cynicism, and moderate rates of professional efficacy, making them “at-risk” for burnout

and he concludes that

So in an effort for newspapers to raise revenues, maintain circulation and provide readers with more information in more ways, another crisis might be upon us. Perhaps lost in this evolutionary period of newspaper journalism is the news worker. When he or she is no longer able, or no longer willing, to provide quality journalism, the journalism of crisis won’t be found on Wall Street or in the circulation data. It’ll be found in the newsroom.

So hands up who wants to be a journalist

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