Saturday, January 26, 2008

More for the power of blogging

I posted the other day on how Guido claimed the power of blogging for the fall of Peter Hain.

Over at Dr Crippin's excellent NHS blog its power is once agian highlighted

Last year, the MTAS computer was finally closed down after revelations by NHS BLOG DOCTOR. Dr Crippen was proud to have played a part in bringing down that invidious system. MTAS may not have reached public consciousness but it affected the life of every young doctor in Britain

However as Dr Crippn points out,he fared a lot worse on newsnight foe which the good doctor blames his being tagged on the end as an an finally spot instead of being in the main debate on Hain.Watching the show,I thought(and sorry Guido) that he was a bit out of his depth.

But then writers don't always make the transition to Tv and radio do they?

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