Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Prime Minister with nothing to say

There was one good thing about Tony Blair,wherever he went,he would always generate media coverage.

As Gordon Brown's soujourn to China and India comes to an end,the same cannot be said of him.The trip has seen a number of political journalists using the opportunity to blog,Nick Robinson and Adam Boulton amongst those and the trip got of to a great start as they were ablre to blog first hand on the Heathrow crash.

However the Mail's Ben Brogan is not happy with Gordon:

We are on the plane about to take off from New Delhi. The PM held a press conference with his opposite number but said nothing remotely reportable. This in itself is one of the great failings of his premiership at the moment: his reliance on a small supply of stock phrases about key issues is wearisome in the extreme and means he is not being reported. Questions are neither listened to nor answered

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