Saturday, January 26, 2008

The view from Davos

It appears that the world and its brother are at Davos this week.

I have never really seen the purpose of this yearly expression of the world's rich and powerful on a networking roundabout and trying to sort out the wrongs of the planet.

It seems to have attracted the new media though,Jeff Jarvis for one is blogging and videoing from there as is Adrian Monck.There is also a twitter round up from David Brain.

I did like this summary of it from Julian Glover in this mornings Guardian.Read the whole piece for the cynical view

There is a hierarchy: a ghastly array of coloured badges denoting status, with only the best white ones allowing holders free espresso, juice and wine from the polite Swiss staff who seem to have been ripped out of high school to make Davos work.
The hypocrisy of it all is obvious, a town full of first-class frequent fliers parading their commitment to climate change, and the world's wealthiest people preaching to each other about the poor

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Adrian Monck said...

But he concludes: "You could choose to hate the hypocrisy here, but you might also take comfort from the homage being paid by power and money to ideas and principles. The homage is public and, in its way, sincere."