Monday, February 25, 2008

E&P proclaim their Iraq reporting

E&P was one of the few mainstream publications to repeatedly raise serious doubts about the basis for the war and how the media was going about covering that.

claims Greg Mitchell over at Editor and Publisher.

This blog has on a number of occasions looked at the reporting of the war and the part that the media played in it.The piece harks back to the issue of the 27th January 2003 which asked the following question

On the War Path: As public opinion swirls, the press must dig deeper for answers to key questions surrounding the likely attack on Iraq."
adding that unlike

many other publications, we gave ample space to the skeptics.

One of the factors in the reporting of the war was the process known as embedding or "Em-bed-ded," according to Sydney H. Schanberg,a former New York Times correspndent who reported from Indo China in the 60's and 70's . who adds

You'd rather not be hampered at all,but as a journalist, and a realist, I don't expect to walk into the military's shop and break all the china. You're a fool if you believe that. But the military, on the other hand, must recognize you are a professional."

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