Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Has the gloss come off

Interesting article by Roy Greenslade in tonights London Evening Standard in which he asks why the gloss has come off the magazine business.

It follows last weeks ABC's for mags which have by various interpretations seem to have heralded the death knell of at least part of the sector.

Mens magazines in particular took a battering but as Roy points out

the problem is that there are so many magazines, with different market segments, different publishing frequencies and different histories that it would be extremely unlikely for every story to be same.

But the sector is in decline

the magazine business as a whole, in Britain and in the United States, is finding it increasingly difficult to attract both readers and advertisers.

Partly opf course it is the migration to digital media but that doesn't give the whole picture.The state of the economy will also play its part as advertisers won't pay so much for the glossy ads and readers will move away as disposable income falls.Magazines are still seen as a luxury purchase and are often the first thing to go under an economy drive.

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