Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is the Telegraph or the Queen upset

The papers have generally lost interest in the Archbishop of Canterbury,that is all except for the Telegraph which leads on its front page this morning with the story that the Queen has been upset by Rowan William's remarks.

According to the paper

The Queen is distressed by the row over Islamic law which she fears threatens to undermine the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury and damage the Church of England

Quite where this story comes from is uncertain because the paper also tells us

According to a royal source, the Queen has not expressed any view on whether Dr Rowan Williams was unwise to say it was "unavoidable" that aspects of the sharia legal system could be incorporated into English law
. and

One royal source said: "I have no idea what her view is on what the Archbishop said about sharia law. But the Queen is worried, coming at such a difficult time in the Church's history, that the fallout may sap the authority of the Church."

A case of the Telegraph still being upset rather than the Queen perhaps?

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