Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Political aggregator launches in the States

Taking advantage of the media clamour over the American Presidential race,the New York Times reports that

Jared Kushner, publisher of The New York Observer,is to pull together 50 Web sites, one for each state, into a political hub called Politicker.com. Each site will serve as an intensely local source for political articles, speculation and scandal,

Jared has though out his business model,he reckons that the site:

will attract an influential readership and, in turn, advertisers who want to reach those readers.

adding that

“Instead of taking out ads in five papers across the state, if you want to reach the most influential and politically active people, all you have to do is buy an ad package on the site,”

You can sign up for access to the site Politicker.com here.

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