Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A right of the public to know

There has been much press coverage over the alleged bugging allegations at Woolhill Maximum security prison, but less so about the way the story was broken.

A former Thames valley police detective Mark Kearney was warned by his superiors that he would face prosecution under the official secrets act if he revealed the bugging to the media.

Despite the threats he broke the story which went national in the Sunday Times at the weekend to a local reporter,Sally Murrer of the Milton Keynes Citizen.

Press Gazette takes up the story

Murrer, a part time journalist and mother of three, has herself been bugged and tracked by police and been locked up twice during questioning – once for 30 hours.
She now feels that fear on the part of the police that her friend Kearney was going to blow the whistle on the bugging of Khan may explain the huge investigation into them both under the “misconduct in a public office” charge.
She said today: “I think this is the missing part of the jigsaw that I’ve been searching for eight months now. During the whole investigation I have wondered what it is I was supposed to have done.”

Once again it appears that we have a journalist trying to do her job in reporting breaches of law being faced with crimonal action.

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