Monday, March 10, 2008

Paul Bradshaw on magazines defence to the web

Paul Bradshaw has posted an interesting piece on the effects of the web on the magazine industry.

Whilst noting that as with other print medium's they have suffered,it seffect has not been so detrimental to the magazine business and has subsequently respondec in diffeent ways

One being

The web allows magazines to cover news online on an ongoing basis - something they were unable to do particularly well in print due to long lead-in times between copy deadlines and printing, and the fact that most magazines were on the shelves for a full four weeks.

He notes that

Magazines have not suffered as much as newspapers - on the whole - because they are not ‘tomorrow’s fish and chip paper’

Of cause on ething that the web cannot insulate the sector from is the economy and it is magazines that will suffer as consumer spendiong falls,being seen in some areas as a luxury purchase.

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