Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Shannon's law

The lack of coverage of missing Shannon Matthews was roundly critised over the weekend from some quarters claiming the press were not interested beacause of her working class background.

The Sun and the Mirror have responded over the last few days,she has been on the front page of the Mirror for the last two days and the Sun also features the story on its front apge this morning.

However taking a leaf out of its Megan's law campaign it has decided to publish the story that

NEARLY 1,400 registered sex offenders live within 25 miles of Shannon Matthews’ home, The Sun can reveal.
Many are based just a five-minute drive away. And disturbingly, 11 have gone to ground in the past year, leaving cops with no clue to their whereabouts.
The chilling figures emerged as Shannon’s mum Karen and stepdad Craig Meehan joined more than 100 well-wishers at a sunset vigil for the missing nine-year-old.

Charting what it calls its "Paedo Zone" the paper reports

the Home Office statistic showing 1,387 registered sex beasts in the area was a stark reminder of the mountain detectives must climb. A further 400 live just 30 miles away in Manchester

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If-I-Were-Queen said...

Well, now there'll be 1388 of them.