Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tips on how to create an online portfolio

A good article on how to create an online portfolio ( via Megan Taylor)

Creating a successful portfolio is easier than you think. Focus on simplicity, ease of use, hitting your objectives, professionally managing the project, and you’ll end up with a successful portfolio. In this article we’ll review 5 pitfalls that commonly plague portfolio design. Then we’ll cover Portfolio Tips that if carefully considered and well executed will deliver quality results for your portfolio

And the tips are well worth a read.In abbreviated form

1.Clarity and focus should permeate your portfolio. With language don’t use twenty words when seven will do. Push your best content to the front.

2.The tighter you pack your portfolio the more likely it will appear cluttered.

3.You’re less likely to go wrong if you keep things simple and organized

4.Designers have an urge to stand out as unique. The last place to follow this urge is in your site’s navigation. It’s a matter of numbers. If a large number of people coming to see your portfolio will have difficulty navigating through it, your portfolio will fail to meet its goals

5.Consider the purpose of any decorative element you bring to your portfolio. If they fit your goals and compliment your work that’s great. Otherwise remove them.

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