Saturday, October 25, 2008

Herald Web 3.0

I have to admit that I didn't even know that we had reached Web 3.0 as journalists still seem to be grappling with the 2.0 version and its implications.

However Journalism are looking the implications of the next generation of internet opportunities.

First of all what is it? It is being described as the semantic web

According to Colin Meek

the best way to understand it is to view the technology as an attempt to link up various clouds of information: flight times, weather forecasts, social network bookmarks and news stories are all delivered in different formats and readable only by different applications

Jemima Kiss perhaps summed it up earlier this year in the Guardian

If web 2.0 could be summarised as interaction, web 3.0 must be about recommendation and personalisation. While the Tim Berners-Lees of this world work out how to make the language of the web function more effectively behind the scenes, our front-of-house task is to get stuck in and intelligently work these technologies into our businesses. It is not enough to understand the strategy behind these new applications, such as Twitter and Reddit - they rely on participation. Tokenism won't do

One of the sites that has sprung up is Twine.It describes itself as a

smarter way to keep track of your interests. Use it to collect and share bookmarks, notes, videos and other content. Twine organizes your content, learns as you use it and recommends new things to check out. You can use Twine alone and with groups of people who share your interests.

One of the projects that are runing in conjunction with it is Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities (SIOC). Its founder John Breslin tells that

In the semantic web, it is not just people who are connected together in some meaningful way, but documents, events, places, hobbies, pictures, you name it! And it is the commercial applications that exploit these connections that are now becoming interesting


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