Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some are not happy with the FT redesign

Over at the Guardian Andrew Brown is not very happy with the new design at FT.COM

The financial crisis is grim enough without the Financial Times panicking; yet last week the paper committed the worst online redesign I have ever seen
so no mincing of words there

The greatest crime according to Andrew is

The front page of the FT's site used to be a tightly designed space, with the main stories in about 10-point type and a sidebar containing anything up to 30 links that allowed you to explore the rest of the paper. There would be 15 or 20 stories immediately available. This was a lot of information. People who read the FT are assumed to be capable of processing lots of information.
The front page of the website this morning has something like a fifth of the number of words on it. The font size has nearly doubled, and the leading - the blank space between the lines - has grown even more. There are perhaps a fifth as many links visible as in the old design

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neal said...

FT redesign appears to work well because it leverages the best of what the FT does and builds upon that tradition. he online FT should be pink with embarrassment over its redesign, but the telegraph looks grown up next to the FT's redesign, which is even larger.



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