Friday, December 05, 2008

Amid the crashing of the profession a ray of light

On the recommendation of Jay Rosen,I have just read the post by Howard Weaver announcing that he is leaving his position as VP for McClatchy.

It is an interesting read from a journalist that has been in the business for 40 years clearly loves the profession but regrets leaving his colleagues in such times of turmoil.

But its his comments about the future that deserve an airing

honest, high quality news is far more powerful and more valuable than raw data, sloppy reporting or partisan propaganda. No institution is even remotely as well equipped as we to deliver this public service information to the civic sphere. We are hurting too badly for me to say that glibly or to underestimate how hard is will be to prove, but I have bedrock faith that we will do so.
and adds that

printed newspapers continue to reach about half the adults in the country every day, and to generate billions of dollars in annual revenue. Only a person who has never enjoyed that kind of base would be foolish enough to advise that we abandon it. This is the foundation upon which we are building the success of our increasingly digital future.

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