Monday, December 08, 2008

Decisions to be taken if going down the route of a web only strategy

By closely monitoring properties with diminishing returns, publishers can evaluate and even try multiple turn-around strategies for maintaining the print product against attempting the migration to a 100% Web-based business. It's important to choose the leap to the Web instead of it being the only option.

Prescott Shribles looks at the criteria that should be considered when deciding whether to take that decision to publish online only.

He lists four

1.Content management-
the editorial team will need to become experts at writing for the Web, search engine optimization, Web traffic analysis, and community building. It's not just about writing articles we think people will like.

2.the change in workflow patterns-
The transition from a "close"-based workflow to dynamic publishing model has implications for editorial, marketing, and sales. Many will struggle with how to create deadlines without the print product.

3.sales strategy-
Focus on charging premiums for targeting and segmentation. Don't chase the buzz of the next cool thing (social networks, vertical search, video). You can create a product that happens to be on that list, but make sure it has real value behind it.

4.the timeframe-Give your team time to acquire the skills it needs before pushing the web-only red button.

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