Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Forget the commentators,just bail out the investigative journalists

Rob Call makes an interesting plea over at the Huffington Post.He argues that as government's busy bailing out banks,the motor industry etc,for the sake of democracy,they should bail out journalism as well.

However it is specific journalism that Rob thinks needs assistance

I want to see a lot more media, but not talkers and pundits. We have plenty of them. We need more investigative reporters and journalists, thousands, maybe tens of thousands more.

The premise being that

America could use an extra ten or twenty thousand investigative reporters to keep the government, legislators and corporations honest

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Charlie Beckett said...

but if they are government-funded they ain't gonna keep government honest. pipers, tunes etc
I have no objection to foundations, corporations, the public funding journalism directly but when we become like the British motor industry in the 70s then we are doomed.