Thursday, December 18, 2008

A model for niche foreign reporting from Boston

Nowadays, though, dreaming of being a foreign correspondent is a bit like wanting to be a cowboy — or maybe a Betamax repairman. Newspapers are in trouble, period, but the future of foreign-news coverage looks especially dismal
writes Alan Reilly at the Boston Phoenix.

But maybe one compnay has found a way of reversing the trend launches in January and is attempting to provide a new model for overseas reporting.

The site aims to have a niche role bwcause it will only deal with foreign news.According to Charles Sennott, its executive editor it,

will recreate a reporting sensibility that has (he claims) faded away as foreign coverage has become the province of a few elite media outlets.

So could it work here? This country has a much higher pedigree of foreign reporting tehrefore the entry level will also be a lot higher,the BBC whilst cutting down thier overseas coverage still do a good job but there are many gaps in foriegn reporting.

The project has taken on 70 correspondents covering 53 countries including some veteran reporters.

It is a case of watch this space

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