Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something that will change our lives

I always look forward to Simon Hoggart's column in the Saturday Guardian and today he turns his attention to some of the worst technology predictions ever made.

Here are three of the top one.

1.Alan Sugar predicting the I-Pod would necer catch on ( and that was in 2005)

2.A prediction that Tv would fail because people wouldn't like to stare at a plywood box in the corner of their room

and the best

3.In 1977 the boss of Digital Equipment said that nobody would need a computer in their home

That last one reminds me of school.It must have been about that time that the headmaster announced that the school was going to purchase a computer.There was uproar as people demanded that the money be better spent on books and other learning materials.

But I remember him giving a passionate speech at the time saying how this will one day change our lives and the school could not afford to turn its back on the opportunity.

Scoffed at the time,how correct he was

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