Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Surely terrorists have better things to do than sit around watching telly?

Did the non-stop television coverage of the terror attack on Bombay reveal operational details of the commando operations, endanger the lives of hostages, intrude into the personal lives of victims and relatives, etc?
asks Sans Serif.

During the attacks there were unsubstantiated rumours that the Indian government had asked Twitter to turn off their updates as they believed that the terrorists were using them for access to information.

In today's Indian Express,the founder of India TV, Rajat Sharma writes that he invited a former army chief to address the staff “to understand, whether news channels went overboard in their coverage”, and what precautions, if any, producers, reporters and camerapersons should have taken while showing “live” action.


Frankly, I expected him to echo what some have been saying—how terrorists got valuable clues on the commando plan by watching our channels. But sample what he said: “Do you think that terrorists holed up in a hotel facing commando fire had time to watch TV?”

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