Saturday, December 06, 2008

TV industry must button down the hatches according to Media consultants

Over at his Director's blog Charlie Beckett gives a handt=y synopsis on the current state and the challenges faces the TV industry gleened from a briefing by Oliver and Oldbaum

As Charlie reports

In his forecast for the next five years O&O’s Mark Oliver’s pointed out the obvious fact that ‘this is not a good time for a recession’ and that the TV industry is facing a ‘perfect storm’.

The particular challenges that it faces are

1.Macro Advertising shift
2.The recession
3.Fragmentation and distintermediation
4.Rising competitive intensity

But there is good news for other forms of media

Newspapers are going to be less effected by the downturn according to their new survey of consumer intentions. Both local and national papers are more resilient than many other forms of media and entertainment.

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