Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't blame the internet

Regular readers of this blog will know my feelings on the Daily Mail but reading this article makes you wonder whether the Mail is ignorant of the digital revolution going on in the country or whether its readership is?

entirely unbeknown to me, my child was conducting a lively social life on the internet, where any browsing weirdo could have downloaded the sketch she had performed and proudly displayed on YouTube.

The uproar that has accompanied the 15 year old girl who vanished to France with someone she met on the internet will no doubt see Middle England engage in another attack on the web.

But is the Web to blame? Surely it is down to parental responsibility in knowing what their children are up to on it.It seems to me that the net has replaced the sitting of the children in front of the telly as a way of keeping them quite.

Thanks to Sarah Hartley for the twitter tip

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