Friday, January 23, 2009

The future for radio in a last Fm climate

Martin Bryant writes a good piece pomdering on thh future of radio with teh advent of free music streaming sites such as Last Fm.

Could it be that in the future some radio listeners will ditch their old receivers and use services like Spotify to listen to whatever they want whenever they want, all without ever having to listen to any inane DJ banter ever again?

However according to Martin

It won’t replace all radio listenership - many people like to have a presenter talking between records and there’s always speech radio like phone-ins, dramas and documentaries that can be replaced as easily by software. One thing’s for sure though - as much as radio is changing right now, there’s more upset to come for the execs.

I tend to agree.Personally I don't very often listen to the radio for music,last Fm and my IPod satisfy that service but speech based radio is an important part of the airwaves

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