Saturday, January 10, 2009

Iran's Republican Guards take on the internet

Here's an interesting piece Ht-Richard Sambrook

Iran's Republican guards have decided that in order to negate the "threat" of the internet they will start blogging.not one blog I might add but 10,000

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps consider according to Hamid Tehrani that

the Internet is an instrument for a “velvet revolution” and warn that foreign countries have invested in this tool to topple the Islamic Regime.

Of course he continues

The use of social networking or blogging by military forces is not new. The U.S. Army has launched a video series that documents events in Iraq. (2) A series of blogs have also covered military activities in a number of countries, including Sri Lanka.

What makes the IRGC project particularly interesting is its uniquely large scale, its timing and its possible consequences.

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