Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The real Benn talks about Twitter

Interesting reading Iain Dale's transcript of part of an interview with Tony Benn in which they discuss Twitter

TB: That’s all fascinating. But you’re the great blogger. You’ve pioneered serious blogging.

ID: I didn’t pioneer it, but I get quite a big readership – about 80,000 people every month, 600,000 last year.

TB: That is real influence.

ID: But even if you only have a few hundred, tell me a politician who wouldn’t like to make a speech to several hundred people every day. I suspect if you were starting out in politics now, you would be a fanatical blogger.

TB: I have thought about that, but you can't write a diary and do a blog at the same time. If you are a diarist you have to be free to do it, and if you are a blogger you have a different audience. A blogger is addressing an audience whereas I am recording what has happened.

I am sure that if this was the start of Benn's career,the great politician would surely recognise the potential of this micro blogging tool for getting his message to the masses


Martin Belam said...

I'm interested there in what Iain Dale gives as his figures. Are those committed readers, or is he counting any old tom-dick-harry who arrives through the search long tail? Love to know - wish he would ABCe audit ;-)

Nigel Barlow said...

Agree Martin and I see that there is a bit of debate going on in his comments section on the very same topic