Friday, January 16, 2009

Should citizen journalism be censored?

Instead of relying on the major news outlets to get the news out of Gaza, many people are using the Internet to tell their version of the story, and that means a lot of graphic and unfiltered images and video circulating through emails and sites like YouTube and iReport.
writes Michael Martin over at NPR.

He raises the question as to whether citizen journalism should be censored.

Read his interview with Keith Jenkins who is the supervising senior producer for multimedia at


Anonymous said...

I think your headline is a bit misleading :-)
The MSM will always temper the images they chose to publish for a number of reasons: commercial, regional ethics, the politics of the editors etc. Its to be expected.
Censoring "citizen journalism", that amorphous object, is a totally different matter. Who would the censor be? The (Chinese) government? The ISPs?
In the digispace it is no longer possible to stop the flow of disturbing images and rightly so.
What you think yourself?

Nigel Barlow said...

I agree I think that on refelction my headline is rather misleading.

I think that any control of images would be almost impossible given the tools in the hands of so many people now for instant uploading of images onto the net.

But in the same way that something such as pornographic images have to be controlled then surely there should be ways of controlling certain other images that people woiuld find offensive.
Perhaps it comes down to control through ISP's?