Friday, January 23, 2009

Thoughts of Minerva

We associate some South east asian countries with internet suppression but now it appears that South Korea has joined the fold.

A blogger known as Minerva has been posting attacks on the financial management of the economy and it seems the government is none too happy.

As Time magazine explains his

thoughts generated huge attention in Korea, particularly following Minerva's prediction that Lehman Brothers would fail. Those musings, however, have not sat well with Seoul. Now Park has been taken into custody by the government and, according to his lawyer, faces a maximum five-year prison sentence for allegedly spreading false information with the intention of harming or threatening public interest. Late last week, Park was denied bail.

What makes the story more extraordinary is that

According to his lawyer, Park taught himself economics, reading books on the subject since 1997.

So much so that people are beginning to doubt whether this one man was behind the posts

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