Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to invest in the media? Well at least the niche media

for media entrepreneurs there has never been a better time to be taking risks and investing money as today, when the whole media landscape is about to change. In the next two years, "premium" paid-for online content will become the normal business model for media brands. Those leading the way will be niche titles, exactly like Spear's, that provide invaluable specialist information readers cannot get elsewhere.

The words of William Cash who has just bought back the majority holding that he sold two years ago in Spears magazine

In this morning's Independent Cash argues that his magazine will fill a niche market attracting premium subscribers,who are high-net-worth entrepreneurs,

The idea behind Spear's is to turn ourselves into the Michelin guide of wealth management. This is a media sector that has been curiously ignored by the UK for many years but which now, with the credit crunch making many wealthy individuals desperate for independent and objective advice as to how to hang on to their cash, is suddenly booming.

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