Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you ready to sell news on the web?

How to sell news on the web.

That's what we would all like to know and Insider have come up with a checklist to see if you are ready

1.You cannot charge for such commoditized content as world, national, business, sports and entertainment news.

2. You might be able to charge for local coverage, if it is sufficiently intensive, comprehensive and exclusive to make to make it required reading for residents of the targeted community.

3 In the business-to-business realm, you probably can charge users for exclusive information that helps them make money, avoid losing money or, ideally, both at the same time.

4.You probably can charge consumers for two things: (a) exclusive entertainment content and (b) authoritative information that helps them hang on to more of their money.

Ht-Joanna Geary

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