Saturday, November 14, 2009

Banks not keen on paywalls or for that matter bloggers

Do read Josh Halliday's review of former Mirror editor David Banks' views on paywalls,aggregation and bloggers.

This on Rupert Murdoch's plans

"I just don't see how he's going to make it work. I think there are possible ways to make it work. The other day, I needed a new virus scanner, and I wanted a free one so I went online. So I went to their site and it said free download, so I clicked it, and you had Love Film, something else, you had ink supplies - you had to buy something from one of their advertisers and that's all you had to do, and as soon as you did, within about half-an-hour you were told you'd got the free virus scanner and I also bought a couple of cartons of ink for the computer.

and this on bloggers

"I could be a blogger, and I could offer this stuff for free on my site, you know, I'll read the papers for you - it's called being a journalist. Except, what do they call it? They don't call it plagiarism anymore, they call it aggregation - that's the word. Aggregation is the word of the nation. Roy Greenslade, the great Professor, he's an aggregator, or an aggregationist, and he aggregates, but really he's sucking stuff from anywhere else and you don't have to read media stuff in the world's press now you just go to Roy's site and read that. He's breaking the embargo really and it's wonderful, it's wonderful that bloggers can do that."

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