Monday, November 02, 2009

Emap puts up the paywalls

Staying with the paywall issue,Paid Content is reporting that B2B magazine publisher Emap will convert all its websites from free to pay-for, starting in the next few weeks.

CEO David Gilbertson told us in an interview that all websites in the Inform division (19 business magazines including Construction News, Retail Week and Drapers) will stop giving away free news and instead start bundling web access in with subscription packages. There’s no exact timeframe, though the process has been one year in the making
reports Patrick Smith.adding that

“We’re shifting the balance of the marketing message from, ‘this is a magazine and it has a website’ to ‘this is an information brand that delivers content across a range of media”, says Gilbertson, adding that alerting services, emails, data services and mobile apps will also come with the paid strategy

The first magazine to go behind the wall will be retail week in two weeks time

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