Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last throws of the dice for Johnston Press

I think that paid content's Patrick Smith sums it op quite well

If readers will only pay for content that’s unique and unavailable elsewhere, perhaps local sites have a distinct advantage in their patch and, in theory, a clear path to monetisation.
—But what if a rival publisher in the same town keeps their content free? Unless there’s a huge gulf in quality between local rivals, readers will have a very easy choice. Our paid content research showed that 95 percent of people would rather go elsewhere than pay for news online.

He is talking about Johnston Press deciding to roll out a paid content model.

A leaked memo via Hold the front page says that

Managers have told staff that JP intends to roll-out the paid-for model across the company in line with what they are calling "industry moves in this area to find a sustainable business model going forward."

Whether this is a suitable business model or the last throws of the dice of a beleaguered media group,we wait to say.

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