Thursday, November 05, 2009

Most important is a drive for journalism

I am in total agreement with Adam Westbrook who writes about what he thinks are the priorities for journalism students.

He joined a panel at Kingston University and his starred priorities are

1.Entrepreneurial skills

2.Social-network skills

3.New technical skills

4.Old journo skills but perhaps most importantly

5.The drive

As Adam says

You can’t teach this to kids, but you can try to instill some enthusiasm. It is no longer good enough (in any walk of life, save I dunno, chemistry, engineering etc) to walk into a degree and hope to walk into a job. That attitude will earn you a McDonald’s badge and not much else. Students themselves must crave success, and as Hannah Waldram puts it: “get-up-and-go to take them through the difficulties and pressures of doing something on their own…”

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