Monday, November 02, 2009

Rather than levying taxes for the sake of old media give tax breaks to new media says Jeff Jarvis

Journalism is not in crisis – its fate lies in the hands of new and old media entrepreneurs, not institution

That's according to Jeff Jarvis writing in Media Guardian this morning responds to Columbia Journalism's president, Lee Bollinger, who declared

"a crisis of massive proportion" for news and argued that the market will not support quality journalism. "The economic foundation of the nation's newspapers, long supported by advertising, is collapsing

sought government funding as being the answer.

According to Jarvis though,when government involves itself with media, trouble often follows.Instead the solution should be the entrepreneur

Rather than levying taxes for the sake of old media, we may want to give tax breaks to invention in new media and technology (by companies old and new). Rather than safeguarding the owners of presses, we should bring the entire nation online via broadband to create a new market and, with it, new development.

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