Friday, November 06, 2009

Things to ask befor you go for a journalism start up

Such a great post from Adam Westbrook who give seventeen question you should be asking yourself if you are thinking of starting up a journalism project.

News start-up checklist

1.Is it a new idea?
2.Does it have a defined target audience?
3.Does it provide niche (i.e. hyperlocal) content?
4.Does it satisfy a desire that is not being fulfilled by someone else?
5.Or does it do something better (faster, cheaper, more effectively) than someone else?
6.Does it actually have income potential, or will it rely on funding?
7.Does it use the power of crowd-sourcing/community?
8.Would it be fulfilling for journalists to work for?
9.Does it publish/exist on more than one platform?
10.If it has content, is it sharable?
11.Does it require a lot of money to run?
12.Does it have boot-strapping potential?
13.Does it scale?
14.Does it fulfill a public service?
15.Is it a legally sound idea? What about copyright?
16.Would it appeal to venture capitalists, angel investors?
17.And…does it have a cool name?

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