Saturday, November 07, 2009

Tips for that exclusive online community

There is a great analysis of the FT's Long Room by Roland Legrand, over at Media Shift.

Entitled the Velvet Rope Approach to an Online Community,perhaps it makes sense to cut down on quantity, and create an exclusive members-only structure.

That is what the Long room has done and New York-based Alphaville editor Paul Murphy explains some of the thinking behind it:

It is "an exclusive comment and analysis arena, where finance professionals are invited to share their research and offer thoughts on the work of others." It is free to join, if you can get through the vetting process to be accepted.

"We are a blog and we acknowledge that people are promiscuous,So we tell them what to read elsewhere if they have half an hour of spare time, and we tell them what they should read in the FT. Being financial professionals, it's a navigational service. We allow them to sample."

and as to why it works?

"It's a very light structure, especially compared to a newspaper, which typically requires a massive industrial process,The Long Room also enables the Financial Times to gather important insight about its readers. This information helps the paper sell itself -

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