Monday, November 16, 2009

Today I am turtling

At least I think that is the verb.

What's a turtle you may ask?

Well it is quite simply a discussion box and they are being run by the people organising Open 09 at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston over the next couple of days.

I shall be taking part in two turtles.The future of the web in whcih some of the questions posed are

1. Will the future of the web be led by education or industry?

2. What are the implications of open source on the future of the web?

3. The future of the web depends upon…?

and the future of media

But it is not just about media and the net.There are a number of turtles running including the future of music,the future of animation.textiles and fashion as well as product design futures.

You can hollow on the blogs and also on twitter following the hashtag #OPEN09.

It should be a good couple of days

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