Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tories lose a goat-ITV gets a new poisoned chalice keeper

The appointment of Archie Norman as ITV Chairman is a coup for the channel - and bad news for Conservatives.

That's according to Danny Finkelstein at the Times' Comment is Central.

He reminds us that apart from being former chief of ASDA,he was also a former Tory MP who was

a critical Conservative figure. During his period at Central Office he guided all the leading figures towards a new analysis of the party's problems.
Without Archie's prodding and his leadership, it really is quite possible that the modernisers and their analysis would not have emerged.

So the loss?

the party will need change managers to help transform public services. And there is no better change manager in Britain - as ITV will discover - than Archie Norman.

And the chalice?

The business model for ITV is effectively buggered.The only way it is really going to survive is to downsize,specialise and concentrate on broadcasting for a niche.Maybe that means that it must go downmarket even more than it already has,forget quality drama,news and documentary.

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