Sunday, November 22, 2009

Watch out as the Chinese move into the world's media

The Chinese are on the offensive,that's the media offensive before we get too worried.

Check out this article from the English version of Spiegal Online which profiles Yang Rui,who wants to "enhance China's prestige in the world.".

China is fighting the battle of the world's media on three fronts

1.The Internet, brutally monitored domestically but also used to broadcast CCTV-9 worldwide; English-language editions of party newspapers, intended to enhance China's reputation in the rest of the world;

3.The global development and acquisition of television networks.

According to the article

Yang embodies China's new ambitions. As Asia's leading power, China wants to become a global media player -- one focused above all on maintaining its own image. After the rebellion in Tibet last year and the public relations disaster surrounding the Olympic torch, Beijing recognized that it was no longer possible to retain control over its enormous empire only with police-state tactics directed at its own population.

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