Tuesday, December 01, 2009

AOL's news production line

AOL’s new high-tech method of mass-producing news and other online content raises some interesting questions.
writes Lisa Anderson over at CJR.

Who needs editors and journalists to come up with compelling story ideas when there is AOL’s “new digital-newsroom system that uses a series of algorithms to predict the types of stories, videos and photos that will be most popular with consumers and marketers”?

From next month the company is on its own after it seperates from Time Warner and its Chief Executive Tim Armstrong's goal is to make AOL,

a magnet for both advertisers and consumers by turning it into the top creator of digital content.

"Content is the one area on the Web that hasn't seen the full potential. Hopefully, we will spark a revolution of people doing content at a different scale,

The worry for Lisa?

Once the consumer mind has been tapped, AOL editors will assign articles to a cyber army of over 3,000 freelancers around the country—a number it plans to grow through a new Web site for contributors called Seed.

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