Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FT introduces new subscription service

The FT recognises the value of enhanced products for subscriptions as it offers a new premium rate for its readers today.

From today there will be an exclusive editor’s newsletter, a weekly FT Newsmine email service and full access to the electronic edition of the newspaper.

The Newsmine seems a particually good innovation.It extracts hidden nuggets from FT articles and provides a snapshot of global market-related data, trends and observations that may have been missed during the week.

According to Rob Grimshaw, MD of,

“Our premium subscribers are highly valued and we’re delighted to be able to roll out this exciting new package of benefits to them,
“Together with access to Lex, I am confident that we have an attractive range of services that will only increase the uptake of premium subscriptions and increase time spent by those readers enjoying FT content online.”

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