Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guardian soaring in the ABCe's

Yesterday's ABCe's saw the Guardian retain its place as the most viewed online newspaper site.

Over 35 million clicks in November,a 12.9 per cent increase on October’s 31.7m unique users ahead of Mail Online, which increased by 2.66 per cent to 31.3m users and . was third with 30.8m visitors, also up 2.66% on October.

The site was also top when it came to overseas traffic with with 20.4m non-UK visitors, followed by Mail Online (19.3m), Times Online (13.4m) and the Sun (11.3m).

Emily Bell, director of digital content at Guardian News and Media said that

"We are thrilled with the November figures. October was a strong month for us, but the fact that the number of monthly unique users has risen by 13% in just a few weeks indicates that our online audiences are increasingly engaging with our content,"

"Our world news and environment sections drove the most traffic to in November, with several stories on climate change – in particular the story about the leaked emails from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit – resonating with audiences around the globe."

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