Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to make $18k from two shitty photos

For a lesson in how to deal with the media or perhaps not how to deal with the media,take a look at Gawker's commentary on the fate of Jasper Schuringa,the North West airlines hero who literally put out the flames as Flight 253 approached Detroit

Schurnga sold the "TV Rights" of the first of his two photos to CNN for $10K.
The "print rights" went to the Post for $5K.
Later, Schuringa was paid upwards of $3K by ABC News for a second photo, which Schuringa tried to sell to other local news outlets for $5K, unsuccessfully.
Jasper Schuringa made at least $18,000 from two shitty, blurry photos.

I particularly like the analysis of his interview on CNN

it only gets good around 6:45, when Schuringa appears to be looking off-camera, trying to end the interview, and in doing so, preserving his product for further sale.

Ht-Martin Stabe

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