Friday, December 11, 2009

News will be increasingly be produced by smaller, de-institutionalized organizations

Nieman Lab have put together a list of what they believe journalism will be fighting for next year and some of the issues that may or may not be resolved as we enter the second decade of the century.

1. “Bloggers” versus “journalists” is (really, really) over.

2Some information won’t be free, but probably not enough to save big news organizations. and 3.and probably of most interest to many journalists

The .
for as they point out

If “bloggers vs. journalists” is over, and if consumers won’t ever fully subsidize the costs of old-style news production, and if online journalism advertising won’t ever fully equal its pulp and airwaves predecessors, than the journalism will still get produced. It will just get produced differently, most likely by smaller news organizations focusing more on niche products. Indeed, I think this is the third takeaway from 2009. Omnibus is going away. Something different — something smaller– is taking its place.

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