Sunday, December 06, 2009

That question-how do you measure social media?

How do you measure the impact of social media?

Some say it is very difficult,nigh on impossible but David Berkowitz reckons there are a hundred ways and just to prove the point he lists them out

Here are the first 10

1. Volume of consumer-created buzz for a brand based on number of posts

2. Amount of buzz based on number of impressions

3. Shift in buzz over time

4. Buzz by time of day / daypart

5. Seasonality of buzz

6. Competitive buzz

7. Buzz by category / topic

8. Buzz by social channel (forums, social networks, blogs, Twitter, etc)

9. Buzz by stage in purchase funnel (e.g., researching vs. completing transaction vs. post-purchase)

10. Asset popularity (e.g., if several videos are available to embed, which is used more)

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