Sunday, January 31, 2010

Conspiracy in the world of fashion reporting

Apparently fashion editors are claiming the amateur bloggers are taking their front-row seats after being bought by the big couture houses.

That's according to this morning's Independent which says that

fashion bloggers are facing a backlash for falling under the spell of the big design houses they set out to debunk.

Including Tavi Gevinson,the 13 year old whose description of the latest Parisian fashions

Lace, pastels, bows-it's everything I've ever wanted, kind of like having ice cold diarrhea from drinking too much Jamba Juice!

have wooed the world of big couture.

However as the article continues

Senior fashion insiders believe blogs have turned into little more than mouthpieces for fashion brands, which are increasingly using bloggers to regurgitate their press releases. Dolly Jones, editor of, said: "PRs plant stories with certain bloggers who are influential. Those have a ripple effect. It's a really powerful selling tool."

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