Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The future will be seen rather than heard and in 3-D

I met Andrew Keen last year and always take an interest in his writings and musings.

Regarded by some as a maverick in the digital media world but many of his predictions have come to fruition.

In this piece he muses about what the internet world will be like in 2020 and says that

I will speculate that by 2020, real-time community video -- either online or via mobile networks -- will have reached its Gladwellian tipping point. By 2020, social networking and mobile telephony will be increasingly video-based. By 2020, voice will be dying. In 2020, the future will be seen rather than heard.

and in that same year,he says we’ll all be living in 3D worlds.

Interesting ESPN have announced the launch of a 3-D channel in time for this year's world cup.Sky are also reportedly playing with the technology and will be broadcasting in 3-D in the summer,although with set top boxes not available until next Xmas,only the chosen few will see it results

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