Monday, January 18, 2010

Glover on the Cameron Murdoch pact

The Indy's Stephen Glover speculates over what if any agreement there is between the Murdoch empire and David Cameron in his column this morning.

There is evidently some sort of understanding between Cameron and the Murdochs. Whether it is an actual deal, time alone will tell.
he concludes and refers to a speech by Matthew Freud, the PR mover and shaker and Rupert Murdoch's son-in-law,who

attacked Fox News, which he said "embarrassed" and "sickened" some members of the Murdoch family.

What are we to make of all this? A reasonable interpretation might go as follows. The Murdochs want to get rid of the impartiality laws so they can re-fashion Sky News as and how they please. But through Freud they also want to convey that they won't turn it into Fox News, which is regarded as beyond the pale even in America, and would be unacceptable in Britain – a less right-wing country.

No doubt we will have to wait and see

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